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How to Get Rid of Fleas on Cats: 6 Ways

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Cats: 6 Ways

Fleas are unpleasant guests, known to carry various diseases that can harm both pets and humans. After biting, they live off the blood of their host and cause red marks on the skin, which can swell and itch for several days. One thing that contributes to flea infestation is warm weather and high humidity. One solution for this is lowering down air humidity in your home to cut their numbers down.

Anyhow, flees are very active and persistent insects. They jump on cats and go deep into their fur, where they hide and ingest blood. Of course, this is very irritating for the cat, because it can cause bad skin irritations and inflammation. 

How to Tell If Your Cat Has Fleas?

The first thing to do is check for a strange behavior of your cat. If your cat scratches uncontrollably and is visibly upset, then chances are high that something bothers it. Good indicators that there are fleas on your cat is seeing your cat constantly chew some areas of its body. Ears scratching and strong shaking of their head also point to a flea infestation. Cats also start to lick their fur excessively when there is something in it.

After checking visible signs and noticing changes in behavior, the next step is taking a closer inspection of your cat. Check their skin and fur. Sometimes you may be able to see the fleas jumping very fast and high. They are small, round, and dark insects. Take your cat gently in your lap and make a good inspection of their groin and armpit area, where usually fleas hide. Also, look behind their ears and inspect for signs of blood, redness, or scratches.

Use a special flea comb to go through your cat’s fur. Such combs are designed to trap and pull fleas out from a cat’s hair. Go deep and close to the skin of your cat, but be careful and gentle. Put those annoying fleas you catch in soapy water to get rid of them.

There is a good chance your cat may have caught fleas if the environment is infested. So, this is another important thing to check. Closely inspect areas where your cat eats, sleeps, and urinates. Also, make sure you check areas close to the refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, and windows, as these are top places where fleas nest.

Ways to Getting Rid of Fleas

There are many good solutions on the market for getting rid of fleas. Powders, sprays, and other solutions are there to help you eradicate them.

It is always better to use some natural solutions that efficiently get rid of fleas and that will not harm your cat. Avoid using strong chemicals and harsh materials on your cat, and make some homemade solutions that are proven to work.

A good idea is to consult your veterinarian for the best solutions against flea problems. The following are some at-home remedies that may help you in the elimination of fleas from your cat. 

  • Lemon juice is a good remedy for the elimination of fleas. Citric acid is very unpleasant to fleas and kills them instantly. Cut a couple of lemons, boil them, let the solution steep for some time, and then put the liquid in a spray bottle. Spray this solution very gently on your cat’s fur, but make sure you do not get anywhere close to their eyes. It is a wide known fact that cats hate water, so if this is an impossible thing to do, there is an alternative solution. Dip the cat’s comb inside this lemon juice solution and brush your cat. Repeat a few times and fleas will be exterminated.
  • Chamomile and lavender also prove to be very efficient in the removal of fleas in cats. Steep chamomile or lavender into water overnight. Then, the next day you can use the liquid to gently rub it on the fur of your cat. You can use your hands or a comb for that, like in the previous method. 
  • Apple cider vinegar has a very strong smell and taste, which is why fleas hate it. Vinegar does not kill fleas, but it makes them jump in panic. After they jump away from your cat, have a vacuum cleaner nearby to vacuum the floor, carpets, and upholstery, trapping all fleas inside and then disposing of the bag safely. 
  • Cedar chips also have a distinct smell that repels fleas. A good idea is to spread some cedar chips in a few areas around your home, especially nearby those places where the cat eats or sleeps. Some pet shops also sell cedar oil sprays which you can use to apply on the cat’s fur. Such sprays do not contain any toxic materials and are very safe to use on cats. Another thing you can do is put a few drops of cedar essential oil on your cat’s collar, which will keep fleas away.
  • Certain spices can also help in the battle against fleas. For example, oregano oil proves to be very effective in the treatment of flea-infested cats. You can make the oregano oil by mixing a teaspoon of oregano with two to three teaspoons of olive oil. Use this solution to apply it on a few particular areas such as the cat’s neck, ears, tail, and stomach. If your cat does not allow you to put such solutions on their fur, you can mix a little bit of cumin with their food. The cumin spice is not bad for cats, but it provides some smell that repels fleas. If you do not have cumin, you can also use a small amount of table salt to kill fleas. Sprinkle some table salts on the cat’s fur and on the areas where the cat spends most of its time. Table salt crystals kill fleas once they consume them.
  • Finally, just a regular soap is also very efficient in killing fleas. Wet your hands and gently go over your cat’s fur to make it wet. Apply some of the soap on the fur, focusing on the most affected areas. Leave it like that for some time, and the soap will kill the fleas within a few minutes. Rinse later, and your cat will be free of fleas. Some people also use dish soap for trapping fleas. Fill a dish with warm and soapy water, and place the dish close to a light source nearby the most infested areas in your home. That will attract the fleas towards the water, making them drown or get killed after consuming the soapy water.

These were a few efficient ways of how to get rid of fleas on cats. Hopefully, you will find this information useful if you are having problems with fleas. Fleas are very unpleasant insects, but quite common in homes with pets.

The good thing is that they can be removed very efficiently by taking just a few steps. There are plenty of options and solutions for getting rid of fleas. Every pet shop sells something against fleas, so you may ask around and see what is available. Consult a veterinarian and find out which solution is best to use for your cat.

6 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Fleas

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