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How to Make Your Cat Happy: 9 Tips

How to Make Your Cat Happy: 9 Tips

Many people believe that cats only rely on themselves and that they do not require anything special to be happy. Indeed, they require very little maintenance. However, cats need attention and special care to be happy. If you make an effort to enrich their environment a little, your cat will be the happiest and will certainly show it to you.

Doing a few simple changes will certainly make your home more pleasant and stimulating for your beautiful kitty. Also, you do not have to spend a lot, because many things are very affordable.

Tips for Making Your Cat Happy 

  • Groom your cat regularly. Cats love to clean themselves, but they cannot remove hairballs. Brush and comb their hair regularly, depending on their hair type and specific requirements. This will also strengthen the bond between you. Your cat sitting and purring in your lap while you brush it is a time well-spent.
  • Buy your cat a quality scratching post. We all know that cats love grooming their nails. So instead of them using your sofa or carpet, get them a nice post where they will do that. It may take some time before your cat learns, but they will love the post eventually.
  • Plant a cat grass for your cat to chew. Cats love to eat leaves to make their digestion easier. However, some home plants may be toxic and can do more harm than help them, so a good idea is to plant something good for their health. Cat grass grows easily, it is perfectly safe for cats, and is one of their most loved treats.
  • Give your cat treats. Like every other pet, cats love treats. Give them something delicious occasionally, showing them love and attention.
  • Buy your cat a few cat toys. Pet toys are not expensive, and all cats love to play with toys. They stimulate their body and mind, so your cat will remain sharp, strong, and healthy.
  • Get a new bed for your cat. Cats spend a lot of time napping and sleeping. Getting them a nice, cozy, and comfortable new bed will certainly make them very happy.
  • Upgrade their litter box. There are many quality types of litter boxes on the market, so a good idea is to get one that self-cleans. That way, your cat will enjoy using it, never worrying about the dirty litter box. All that increases their happiness.
  • Give your cat fresh water regularly. A bowl of fresh water is necessary for your cat to be happy and healthy. Cats are curious and energetic beings, they like to play a lot, so they get thirsty often. Keep them happy by providing them with fresh water several times during the day.
  • Cuddle together often. Most cats love lap time. They love to sit, relax, and purr in the lap of their favorite human. Plan this cuddling lap time every day and give your cat the necessary attention to keep it happy at all times.

Sometimes an extra hug, a scratch on their head, or giving them their favorite food can make your cat very happy, but there are a few other ways for making your cat feel happy and satisfied. The following are some of those ways.

Other Ways to Make Your Cat Happy and Healthy

Enriching the environment, or making the space more pleasant for your cat, is one good way to make your cat happy. Sometimes even small changes such as moving sofa, chairs, or other furniture can help a lot. Cats have instincts that make them perch, climb, or scratch things. They are highly territorial and want to defend their space. They need a place where they can climb and observe everything from above.

You do not have to buy some expensive equipment, and you can provide all that by rearranging your furniture. Create a space that will make it easy for your cat to jump from one place to another. Perhaps you can add some cat trees or install shelves that will connect different things for them. A good idea is also to install something near the windows, where your cat can sit and observe birds outside. These are just a few things that can make your cat very happy.

Cats also love to hide and seek in a grass area. This is very exciting for them, so perhaps you should think about getting some fresh grass for your home. You can grow it at home or buy it from specialized pet stores. Put it somewhere in your home and your cat will spend a lot of time on it. They love the smell of grass, and grass also wakes their natural hunting instinct. All that leads to a happier cat.

Scheduling regular playtime with your kitty will keep her satisfied and happy. Get some nice toys to use, something with strings, or anything interesting that will keep your cat entertained. Make the cat catch, jump over, or chase something in the same way as she would chase something in nature. Use smaller toys to leave as their pray, toys which they can carry with their mouths. Cats also like to stalk, so you can play some hide and seek at home. Get creative and think about some nice ways to play with your cat. Spending time with your cat, doing things together, playing, and hunting each other, can all increase their happiness.

Another way to keep your cat healthy, happy, and entertained is by creating some challenges. In times when you are away from home, your kitty will search for something to get entertained with. Put some puzzle toys around or place some treat dispensers in different parts of the home to keep your cat active and entertained at all times. Treat dispensers also boosts their natural hunting instinct because it dispenses food when the cat hits them. That offers them a nice exercise for a treat.

It is recommended you set up puzzle toys in the morning before you leave for work or at night before going to bed. Place them in different parts around the home, so your cat will see them and play when you are away or when you sleep. That will keep your cat entertained at all times, even when you are not around to pet her.

Finally, mix and change some things up. You do not want your cat to get bored quickly, so change things occasionally to keep it interesting for your cat. Move things from one corner to another, install something new, and rotate some of the toys your cat plays with. You can put some old toys away and take them out again after a certain period passes. That will keep things fresh and will certainly make your cat very happy when seeing them again.

These were a few tips, advice, and ways on how to make your cat happy. Most of these do not require spending a lot. Even minor purchases, adjustments, and rearrangements can help a lot. Keep things fresh and your cat will appreciate whatever you do. No matter what you do, give your cat enough attention and it will certainly be happy. Consider things mentioned here and enjoy spending time with your cat.

9 Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy Indoors

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