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Why Does My Cat Follow Me into the Bathroom?

Why Does My Cat Follow Me into the Bathroom

If you brought a cat home, forget about bathroom privacy. You may believe you have the right to privacy, but your cat will never agree to that. Regardless of whether you do your private things, shower, brush your teeth – your cat will always want to be there. From your cat’s point of view, they need privacy when they urinate or defecate, but not you. You need their company.

Interestingly, cats need privacy when they use their litter box, but they need it for different reasons. Many people believe that cats are ashamed to be seen when they urinate or defecate. However, they do not feel shame at all. The reason why they want privacy when using their litter box is due to safety reasons.

Cats are small animals, which makes them prey to larger animals. They know this. That is why they are scared when caught unaware. When they use their litter box, cats feel vulnerable. They are afraid that they might be attacked while they are relaxed.

Why Do Cats Love to Follow Owners in Bathrooms?

For cats, bathrooms are like a trip to amusement parks. They want to have fun and get entertained while being close to you. But what is so fun and entertaining that attracts them to the bathroom?

Bathrooms have plenty of interesting things for them. They love to play with toilet paper, fight with tissues, lay on bathmats, or climb on towels. We have all seen videos of cats unraveling toilet papers. They enjoy it. It’s the perfect toy for them. Some cats grab the toilet paper roll and shred it to bits. Some hit and chase the roll. It is very entertaining for them.

Some cats also enjoy laying down on bathmats, grabbing them, pulling them, or sleeping on them. Hanging towels also attract them. Cats love to climb, so they jump and cling on to them. Unlimited fun for cats.

Cats Love Sinks and Tubs

The reason why cats love sinks and tubs is that they provide them with comfort. Some cats love to lay in sinks and tubs. It’s relaxing, comfortable, and refreshing to them. They get to cool off in a peaceful environment.

The smooth materials are perfect for their fur, so they enjoy sitting or lying inside them. Tubs are deep and provide them safety. They can hide inside or just play without anyone or anything interrupting it.

Cats Follow Their Owners Because They Love Them

Cats know that their owners enjoy private time in bathrooms. They know you will spend some time inside, so they consider that room a safe place for you. If it is safe for you, then it is safe for them too. They love to spend time with owners, so following them to the bathroom is how they express their affection.

Cats Love Bathroom Scents

A bathroom is a place where you do your daily routines. Your cat has probably observed that and feels that bathroom is an important place for you. The bathroom also has good smells. Soaps, gels, shampoos, and other hygiene products smell pleasant both for humans and animals. The smell of your bathroom reminds your cat of you. Towels, robes, and everything else smells like you.

Cats experience smell in a different way than humans. We make a distinction between a good smell and a bad smell. We evaluate if it is nice or not. Cats do not think like this. They associate the scent with something they like or dislike. For them, all beautifully smelling things in the bathroom are associated with you.

Cats Hate Closed Doors

Humans always close their doors when going to the bathroom. They need privacy and want to be alone. On the other end, cats are doing their job in an open litter box without doors. They do not hide when doing their thing. So, they cannot understand why a door must be shut. They hate seeing the door shut, especially if their owner is on the other side of the door. They will meow, scratch, even hiss until you open the door. They will also slide their paws below the threshold trying to catch and see what is on the other side.

But why the cat wants to enter? Well, you will never know for sure. Animals don’t speak, so no one knows exactly why they want to enter the bathroom with you. Perhaps the cat believes the entire home is their territory and feels mad when you prevent them from entering somewhere in their kingdom. Or maybe they are just curious. Maybe they just want to be with you at all times and see you all the time. Perhaps they are jealous and suspect you are doing something interesting. Pets want to see everything their owners do, so you have to accept the fact that your cat will always follow you to the bathroom.

Bottom Line

These were some of the main possible reasons why your cat is constantly following you into the bathroom. Cats are lovely, curious, furry animals that never stop to explore. They want to see everything, control everything, play with everything.

You can try training your cat not to follow you, but it is highly unlikely you will succeed in that. They are just stubborn pets and will follow you everywhere no matter what. That is how they show you their love and affection.

Why Do Cats Come To The Bathroom With You

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