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Why Does My Cat Sleep on Me?

Why Does My Cat Sleep on Me

Cats are well-known for their sleeping habits. They can sleep over 15 hours per day, which is amazing. They love to sleep in their favorite warm spot and enjoy their snooze.

Cats can sleep in all kinds of positions and all kinds of places. If something fits – they sleep in it. They occasionally want to be close and sleep on their owners too. Perhaps you want to relax alone, but your cat thinks differently. They will quickly come and jump on your lap. If you try to move them away, they start pressing their paws inside your skin. Sounds familiar? Keep reading to learn what might be the possible reasons why your cat wants to sleep on you.

Top Reasons Why Your Cat Sleeps On You

  • They feel warm in your lap. Cats are always attracted to warm things. The warmer, the better for them. You have probably noticed how cats want to hang out, sit, or sleep close to heaters, radiators, and wooden stoves. They are just naturally drawn to warm places. Humans are also naturally warm, and some of your body parts are warmer than others. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why it wants to sleep on you. Because your lap, chest, or legs radiate heat that they love.
  • They like the security and want to bond with you. Cats sleep a bit differently than humans. They usually do not take one long sleep during the night, but they enjoy a series of catnaps during the 24 hours. They usually sleep very light during these catnaps and are always ready for play or other action if they see you do something interesting. This is because of their hunting instincts. They are always ready to jump, defend themselves, or attack, even when they sleep. Their senses are always on alert, and they are ready for anything at all times. When they are on you, they feel safe. They are bonding with you, and are there to defend you if need be. They also feel protected by you at the same time. When your cat sleeps on you, that is their way of saying that they love you and that they want to be close to you, even when they are asleep.
  • Your cat does not like sleeping alone. Cats, and especially small kittens, are social sleepers. They naturally sleep in groups when they are born. They like to snuggle and have a nice nap together. Outdoor cats also tend to sleep together to keep themselves warm and safe from dangers and outside threats. So, besides wanting to feel your warmth, they also want to feel your heartbeat and your breathing while they sleep. That gives them a nice, safe feeling that nothing will happen to them.
  • Your cat sleeps on you because it trusts you. Earning a cat’s trust is one of the most difficult things to achieve in life. When a cat comes to sleep on you, that means that it has full trust in you. You should certainly consider this a big compliment. It is your cat’s way of saying that you are part of their family. Cats are the most vulnerable beings when asleep, so if they choose your body to sleep on, that means you are making them feel safe, protected, and loved. 

Why My Cat Sleeps So Much? 

Cats spend most of their days sleeping, which means they are most active during the night and at dawn. This is their way of balancing their hormones. It is also how they restore their energy and heal themselves. They are constantly searching for prey at night, so they have to sleep most of the time during the day to have the energy to hunt at night.

Cats have been domesticated and thought many new things over the years, but they still have their primary instincts intact. But when they learn your schedule, they can certainly adapt by observing your habits. They are known to easily adjust their sleeping times so they will have enough time to spend with you. 

Cats are sleeping a lot because that is their nature. If your cat sleeps on you, you have nothing to worry about. It is a really good thing. It is also a nice feeling when your cat sleeps on you. That is how you know that your cat truly loves you and trusts you. You are her source of warmth, her protector, and the one that keeps them safe.

Give your cat a nice pet and scratch when they come to sleep on you. You will make them very happy and will strengthen the bond with them even more. Now when you know why your cat sleeps on you, it is time to take your cat in your lap and enjoy a nice, warm sleep together.

Top Reasons Why Your Cat Sleeps On You

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