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Why Does My Cat Stare at Me? 3 Reasons

Why Does My Cat Stare at Me: 3 Reasons

Cat owners would love their pets to talk to them, tell them how they feel, and what they want. We know that is impossible, so sometimes we have to pay attention to certain signs to detect what our cats mean by staring at us. Cats are meowing and hissing, but also staring at their owners. That is their form of communication. Blinking and staring can tell you a lot about how your cat feels and what it needs.

Cats are very curious animals. They love to observe, smell, and explore everything. You have probably found them staring at you sometimes. Then you might be wondering why are they doing that? Do they want to tell you something? There is certainly a good reason why they do this.

It is not uncommon to notice your cat stare at you while you eat, dress up for work, or just when you lay on the bed. Is it a simple cat curiosity, or it has a deeper meaning? The following should clarify some things for you.

Reasons Why Your Cat Stares At You 

  • Your cat is hungry. This is the most common sign of why a cat would stare their owner. They use their stare to convince their owner to give them food. Sometimes their stare may be accompanied by occasional meow. Cats with demanding eyes are telling that they need to be fed. This is especially true if they stare at you at times when they usually eat. Staring and squeaking are also convincing signs that your cat is hungry. 
  • Your cat shows you their affection and love for you. If you notice that your cat gives you a long stare with their wet eyes, blinking very slowly, or staring at you with half-closed eyes, then you should be happy. Your cat tells you that it loves you. This is one of the best compliments a cat can give to its owners. This is their way of saying that they feel loved, safe, and relaxed around you. 
  • Cats are curious by nature. Sometimes stares do not have to have a deep meaning. Sometimes cats are just curious and want to observe what you are doing. Watching you makes them curious about what you intend to do. They know you take care of them, so they stare at you to see whether you will do something interesting. 

Staring And Body Language Of Cats

Cats are hunters. They search and hunt their prey. Every time they are outside, they are on alert, hiding and waiting for their chance to attack. Their eyes are wide open and they are fully focused on everything that moves.

Indoors, cats also search to hunt something. Their focus is on things that move, most likely you. If you are up and doing things at home, be sure that your cat will stare and watch every one of your moves.

By reading their body language, you can learn whether your cat is friendly or not so much. They act differently in different situations. The following are some things that can decipher why they stare at you.

  • If your cat is calm and relaxed while staring then that means she looks at you because of some pleasant reasons. Perhaps you have fed her or pet her recently, so she wants to show you her affection. If their body language is relaxed and your cat stares at you, rest assured that it is expressing their love towards you.
  • If your cat’s body is stiff, their legs are strong, and they look all puffed, then your cat is annoyed by something. A rapid swishing of their tail left and right is also a good indicator that your cat is nervous. If your cat’s body language is like this and it stares at you, that is their way to threaten you. They are telling you that you should leave them alone or they will attack. If you see that your cat shows this kind of body language, the best thing to do is to distance yourself and avoid making eye contact. If you stare back, the cat will understand that as an act of aggression, and the chances are high that it will attack you. 
  • If your cat stares at you with her tail tucked underneath her body, this is an indicator that your cat is afraid of something. You may also see them hiding behind something or sitting under the bed and staring at you. This means they are frightened by someone or something. They are on the lookout for potential danger. Perhaps you have dropped and broken something, shouted, or made a loud bang. All these things will make your cat afraid. In times like that, offer them some nice treats to calm them down. Pet them and tell them there is nothing to worry about in a calm voice. When they see you are calm and relaxed, they will become calm and relaxed as well.

These were the main reasons why does your cat stare at you. Try to read their body language in different situations, and you will get a good idea of why they are doing it. Cats are lovely animals that can express many things through their beautiful eyes. Their stares may look intimidating sometimes, but more often than not – they are just showing their affection and love for their owner.

Reasons Why Your Cat Stares At You

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